Shipping Technology

Shipping Technology Overview

Expedite Delivery System utilizes same day courier services and shipping technology which helps us provide the highest level of customer service for our customers.  If the item you are shipping is time critical, or you have multiple orders that have to be routed,  Expedite Delivery System can be your courier service of choice.

What is Expedite Technology?

Developed and designed by the top courier service software company, our software supports the entire chain of custody for your shipment. With real time tracking, we can see where our drivers are from your door to your customers. Our technology also supports bar code scanning, and digital signature capture allowing us to send POD immediately to your inbox.

Once you have your username and password, you can:

  • Place all of your orders with us online
  • Track orders from pickup through delivery, via date placed or order number
  • Create/manage your own address book to avoid reentering information
  • Create/review management reports of account activity
  • View billing invoices and compare rates
  • Arrange weekly, biweekly, third-party invoices